Radium In Waukesha Water

It’s been pretty well-reported that Waukesha radium levels exceed federal health guidelines. Radium is a naturally occurring radioactive carcinogen.  It is definitely unhealthy. Here is the reality:  there is radium in the Waukesha city supply it is probably not in your water. Water Softener & Radium Removal A functioning water softener removes the […]

Reverse Osmosis v. Carbon Filtration

One of the more common questions we receive is about the options for drinking water filtration. Two of the leading technologies for drinking water filtration are carbon-based filters and reverse osmosis filtration. They are decidedly different technologies with very different levels of drinking water quality. What is Removed:  Reverse Osmosis v. […]

Waukesha Water Softener & Reverse Osmosis Needs

SITUATION We received a call from a customer, the thought was that his water softener was not working.  Another company had been out there previously, diagnosing the system as something that could not be fixed.  We’ll concur.  The electronics on the system were shot and repair simply wouldn’t make fiscal sense. […]