Frequently Asked Questions

About Water Treatment Systems

Do water softeners put salt in the water?
Doesn’t my city supply me with soft water?
If I have a water softener, do I need a drinking water system?
What should I do if the home I just bought has a Kinetico system?
Why do I need a water treatment system?

Drinking Water

Don’t water filters remove important minerals from my water?
How can I protect myself and my family from lead in drinking water?
I prefer bottled water. Is it the best alternative to tap water?

Hard Water v. Soft Water

Is soft water bad for my septic system?
It feels like I can’t get the soap off when I wash with soft water. Why does soft water feel “slippery” when I wash my hands in it?
Won’t soft water corrode my plumbing?

Problem Water

My tap water smells like rotten eggs. What causes that? Can it be fixed?
What’s causing these ugly orange and red stains in my sinks and bathtubs?

Testing Your Water

How can I have my water tested?

Third-Party Product Certification

How can I tell if the product I’m purchasing will do what it’s supposed to do?

About Kinetico

Are Kinetico water softeners Energy Star qualified?
How can I find more information about Kinetico?