Best Price Guarantee Terms & Conditions

We will beat any competitor’s installed price by $100 for equipment of the same efficiency as any of the Kinetico non-electric water softeners.

The terms and conditions are very simple and limited to two:

  1. Comparative quotes must be in writing, from a vendor licensed to do business in Wisconsin, and dated within 30 days.
  2. Comparative efficiency to be based on NSF-certifications for grains/exchange.

Meet the Kinetico Product Family

We’re happy to represent one of the most broad, most flexible product lines ever assembled. From the highest-efficiency residential systems to hundreds of gallons per minute industrial applications, we have a solution specific to your requirements.

Kinetico Product Family

Big Results In A Small Package

The Kinetico S650 Premier Series softener sets the bar for efficiency. This compact machine maximizes the return of every grain of salt and drop of water that it uses. Validated by the NSF, this softener will remove 5,377 grains of hardness for every pound of salt consumed. Oh, and it does this while still using only 7 gallons of water for a regneration.  See the Datasheet

The Industry’s Workhorse

The Kinetico S250 Premier Series is the latest iteration of the twin 8″ non-electric tanks working in perfect harmony.  While the robust 2.5″ valve supports up to 18 gallon per minute demand, it’s still exceptionally efficient offering 4,368 grains of hardness removal for every pound of salt consumed.  This softener is great for an extremely wide array of well water conditions.  See the Datasheet