Financing Options

Financing Options


If you like certainty and simple payments that are easy to budget for, this program is for you.  The program is a 5-year purchase program.

General payments on equipment come out at or below the monthly rental costs.  For iron filters, these payments are usually a little under $35.  Compare that to $45+ for renting an iron filter.

Perfect for people who will pay the amount off in full in 6 months.  These programs offer 6 months of deferred interest.  Pay it off in full and you no interest costs.

If you’re unsure if you’ll pay the equipment off in 6 months, check out the 1% payment program.


This program is a nice blend of certainty and flexibility.  The program offers a very low 1% minimum payment with a 12-month introductory APR of just 5.9%*

You can pay the balance off at any time with no prepayment penalties.  After 12 months, then pay just 1.5% of the original contract balance amount per month at 13.99% APR thereafter.

* No prepayment penalty. Subject to credit approval.



Financing Applications and Documents

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For 5 Year Purchase and Same As Cash Programs

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For the flexible, revolving program with the low 1% payment.

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