Residential Water Treatment

Kinetico Water Systems are unparalleled in the water industry.

Whether you require whole-house water filters, water softeners, or the undeniably best drinking systems ever designed, we have you covered. No company carries a wider array of treatment solutions.

Whole House Water Filters

Clever design means whole house combo systems to meet your needs.

Best Water Softeners

Twin-tank design. No water softener model is more efficient or last longer.

Best Drinking System

Longest lasting, highest rated systems available.

Real-Time, WiFi-Driven Monitoring

A Water Doctors Exclusive.

Reverse osmosis systems rapidly growing in popularity.  If you care about the quality of your water, you’re probably going to buy one.

How will you know if it isn’t performing to spec?

That’s where WaterBot comes in.  Receive real-time alerts to your cell or iPad if anything goes wrong.

If you have a Kinetico system, you probably want a WaterBot.  If you have another system, you probably need a WaterBot.