Kinetico K5 Drinking Station

Removes more contaminants than any other water filtration system.

Are you concerned about what’s in your family’s drinking water?

Are you tired of buying and lugging bottles of water from the grocery store that overload our landfills?

Kinetico reverse osmosis drinking water systems give you green power to protect your family and the environment while enjoying safe, great tasting water for only pennies a glass.

Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station

The Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station is so advanced that it eliminates nearly everything from your home’s drinking water that isn’t water. Our unique system offers:

  • Increased water pressure and flow
  • A usage meter that monitors filter life and alerts homeowners when changing is required
  • A 10-year warranty more comprehensive than our competitors, because the system self cleans with pure water
  • Customizable cartridges that add minerals back to your water to increase alkalinity
  • The lowest price on any comparable system guaranteed by Water Doctors
  • The removal of bad taste, odors, chlorine and other chemicals, bacteria, viruses, pharmaceuticals and harmful toxins

Kinetico K5 Contaminants and Production Certifications