The Kinetico 100% On-Demand Water Softener

It is so responsive to your water use, it is like it was manufactured just for you.

No Wasted Capacity – Completely demand-initiated regeneration.

  • Twin-tank operation means 100% of your capacity is used
  • Those dinosaur single-tank electric softeners throw away 10-25% of your capacity on each regeneration!

Less Salt To Buy & Carry

  • Twin-tank operation means soft water is available for making the salt brine
  • It’s actually in the technical manual from Dow Chemical:  regenerate using soft water.
  • We use as little as 1 pound of salt on some of our models!

Less Water Waste

  • Twin-tank operation means backwashing with soft water
  • Do you finish your laundry by rinsing from the well?
  • By backwashing with soft water we use as little as 7 gallons of water on some models!

Unparalleled Service Life

  • Kinetico softeners boast the industry’s longest, most comprehensive warranties.
  • Many models start out at 10 years for parts, 5 years for labor!

Built In Ohio.  Designed For You

  • Over 60 combinations of filters, softeners and drinking system
  • You deserve better than a one-size-fits-all softener option

Here’s a little about how softeners work: