Iron Filtration

Iron is one of the most unstable minerals in our ground water.

Our oxidizing iron filter offers you:

  • Hassle-free, chemical-free operation
  • More reliability than compressor-driven solutions
  • Lower cost of ownership

Even inside your neighborhood, your iron levels and types vary.  Take advantage of our Get A Quote form.  Schedule a no-cost estimate.

Sulfur and Rotten Egg Odors

Odors, sulfur, rotten egg or otherwise, are some of the most unpleasant water characteristics.   We offer many cost-effective ways to eliminate your water’s odor problem.

An oxidizing iron filter is one good option.   The Kinetico Sulfur Guard system uses Sulfaban™ filtration media to block stinky water.  The wide array of options in the Kinetico family means you get what you need. Nothing more. Nothing less.


Whole-house dechlorination is one of the fastest-growing segments of the water treatment industry.   Dechlorination protects everything from water softener resin to rubber seals on appliances.

There has always been a financial reason to dechlorinate. Given the increasing health concerns over chlorine exposure, many homeowners are choosing to remove it.  The softer hair and skin is just a nice plus.