Chlorine and Chloramine Removal

Address the health concerns of disinfection byproducts

Pathogens or Carcinogens?

That’s really the trade-off on municipal water supplies.  It’s not your city’s fault.  It’s a mandatory requirement that they introduce chlorine and its nasty cousin, chloramine, to the water for the journey through the aging infrastructure of pipes to your home.

To prevent the incidental contact with pathogens like e coli, chlorine is introduced.  Chlorine reacts with organic matter along the path resulting in thousands of compounds.  Nearly all of these are known or believed carcinogens.

It’s easy to remove. It’s important to remove.  Get started with a free estimate to assess your options.

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Whole-House Combos

Powerful whole-home dechlorination systems paired with the highest efficiency softener.

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High-quality drinking systems to remove chlorine and much, much more.

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