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Rotten Egg Smell In Water

Water smelling like rotten eggs is one of the most distasteful properties of water. There are few things more embarrassing than having guests comment on

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Why Is My Tap Water Cloudy?

Cloudy tap water has a few causes. Two common sources of cloudy water are relatively non-harmful. A common, non-harmful source of cloudy water is air.

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Water Science: Penta-Hydrate

The internet is a weird place. Of late, we’ve had more calls and questions over some of these scientifically sketchy claims of ‘new water technology’ than ever before. Fortunately, real scientists have taken steps to debunk this pseudoscience.

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Fertilizer in Drinking Water

We know that fertilizers and pesticides are directly related to various cancers, but didn’t know the leading source of fertilizers per acre until recently.

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The Irony Of Bottle Bans

March 24 From “A boil order remained in place Monday for about 6,000 people in Spokane Valley as new details emerged about how people were notified. ”

March 25 From Ban the Bottle: “Congratulations to Western Washington University! After nearly 3 years of campaigning, WWU has voted to end the sale of bottled water on their campus beginning April 1, 2014.”

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