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Chlorine In Drinking Water

Chlorine in drinking water isn’t new, nor is research documenting the nearly doubled risks of cancer. Removing chlorine from your drinking water is easy, cost-effective and dramatically reduces the cost and waste of bottled water.

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DIY Granite Cleaner

$7 for a 12 ounce bottle of granite cleaner?  No thanks. Most everyone knows not to use Windex and the like on granite.  Avoid citrus, vinegar

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DIY Rust Cleaners

The best way to remove rust and iron staining is to avoid it altogether.  Depending on if you are dealing with ferrous or ferric iron,

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DIY CLR Cleaner

It is amazing how many bottles we see of CLR when walking into homes.  In fairness, this part of the state (yes, that includes Lake

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Manure causes boil alert

Residents in Rochester, NY had a gross and disgusting headline this past week:  Manure Causes Boil Alert. Don’t feel too bad for them.  According to

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