DIY Granite Cleaner

$7 for a 12 ounce bottle of granite cleaner?  No thanks. Most everyone knows not to use Windex and the like on granite.  Avoid citrus, vinegar and other acids that we use in other DIY cleaners as well or you’ll etch … Continue Reading

DIY Rust Cleaners

The best way to remove rust and iron staining is to avoid it altogether.  Depending on if you are dealing with ferrous or ferric iron, yes, we have a fix for that.   For a long-term fix, take us up … Continue Reading

DIY CLR Cleaner

It is amazing how many bottles we see of CLR when walking into homes.  In fairness, this part of the state (yes, that includes Lake Michigan water) is sitting on water that is either hard or very hard.   Realistically, … Continue ReadingContinue Reading