Seattle looking at bottled water ban?

Looks like the Seahawks v. 49ers feud has spilled over a bit.

Looks like Seattle is doing what it can to one-up San Francisco on bottled water bans.

We applaud the environmentally-conscious and 100% agree that plastic bottle waste is extensive, totaling upwards of 13% of our annual landfill waste. What we tend to question is not the merit of the concept of reducing bottled water waste, but “tap-is-never-bad” beliefs of our friends at organizations like … Continue Reading

San Francisco’s Board Passes Bottled Water Ban

We’d written about this a little ways back, but San Francisco has moved forward towards banning the sale of bottled water on city property with the vote passing the Board of Supervisors. California has long set trends on regulatory guidelines … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

San Francisco Proposes Bottled Water Ban

Without a doubt, we’re not huge fans of the sheer waste of bottled water and, let’s be candid, a lot of bottled water is not good.  Much of it is merely filtered and many of the bigger brands are adding … Continue Reading