Reverse Osmosis v. Carbon Filtration

One of the more common questions we receive is about the options for drinking water filtration. Two of the leading technologies for drinking water filtration are carbon-based filters and reverse osmosis filtration. They are decidedly different technologies with very different … Continue Reading

Waukesha Water Softener & Reverse Osmosis Needs

SITUATION We received a call from a customer, the thought was that his water softener was not working.  Another company had been out there previously, diagnosing the system as something that could not be fixed.  We’ll concur.  The electronics on … Continue Reading

Mukwonago Iron Filter & Reverse Osmosis Needs

SITUATION: This was a relatively common for Mukwonago area.  The family was seeing the typical high-levels of iron and the catalyst for the call was that they were seeing staining in toilets, tubs, and sinks even with the water softener … Continue Reading

How Can I Make My Water Healthier

Ultimately, whatever the source of your water, it is going to have some downsides. After the government regulates the first group of contaminants, which is less than 100, there are another 40,000+ known compounds. And quite a few of these … Continue Reading