Commercial Treatment

Jim Elsbury
Bob, I wanted to thank you for the excellent service, Water Doctors has provided over the course of the past 2 years. As you know, Kinetico has been selected as the Water Softener for all of our County's Buildings. Since we have made the switch to the Kin...see the full comments on Jim Elsbury's Waukesha Commercial Solution

Residential Treatment

I wanted to send a personal thank you for the service that we have received from Water Doctors. We attended your tent event at Home Depot this weekend and were very impressed with the quality of your product and the knowledgeable sales staff. Everyone the...see the full comments on Dacia's Waukesha Residential Solution

Debra W.
Just wanted to relay how great my service has been. Dean was the person that installed and recently serviced the Iron Dagger, water softener, and drinking water filter. He tested all water sources, explained results and made the appropriate adjustment tha...see the full comments on Debra W.'s Burlington Residential Solution

Elizabeth K.
Elizabeth K. of WYMX My husband and I love our Kinetico water system. Not only is it easy to maintain - we have noticed there is never any leftover residue or cloudiness on our drinking glasses. And our ice cubes are as clear...see the full comments on Elizabeth K.'s Waukesha Residential Solution

Jan & John G.
We are thrilled with the water system. We had an install that wasn't "clean and easy" due to a finished basement ceiling but everything went smoothly and we are very happy. John was very professional and spent a lot of time with us going through the whole...see the full comments on Jan & John G.'s New Berlin Residential Solution

Jerry S.
Hey Dr. Bob, I really need to let you know I am so happy I chose to put in the Kinetico water system in my home. It seems like I never have to fill this new system with salt, unlike the old one which was using several bags of salt every 5-7 weeks. The dr...see the full comments on Jerry S.'s Muskego Residential Solution

Lori B.
Dear Bob Richter: My husband and I purchased a Kinetico water system last summer and we are thrilled with it. Mark Schreiber came to our home to show us the product. We could both see that Mark stood behind the product and believed in the product. Mark...see the full comments on Lori B.'s Muskego Residential Solution

Ryan, Malinda, Zach, Hannah, Lydia and Caleb M.
Dear Bob, Sincere thanks also for the wonderful job that your company did in assessing our needs and providing water softening and drinking water systems. We are so pleased with the product: softened water that is no longer ruining our dishes and applianc...see the full comments on Ryan, Malinda, Zach, Hannah, Lydia and Caleb M.'s Residential Solution

Sharon L.
I first bought my Kinetico Water System in 1984. The Kinetico works on amount of water used not a clock or electricity. I had kids still at home but knew they wouldn't be there forever and wanted a system that wouldn't have a lot of work involved in maint...see the full comments on Sharon L.'s Waukesha Residential Solution

Shelly C.
I just wanted to let you know how extremely pleased we are with our new water system! Aaron did an excellent job with the installation! He was here to do nothing, but his job. He is a very hard and dedicated worker. And...John, he ROCKS!! I must tell you...see the full comments on Shelly C.'s Watertown Residential Solution

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