Real-Time, WiFi-Driven Monitoring

A Water Doctors Exclusive.

Reverse osmosis systems rapidly growing in popularity.  If you care about the quality of your water, you’re probably going to buy one.

How will you know if it isn’t performing to spec?

That’s where WaterBot comes in.  Receive real-time alerts to your cell or iPad if anything goes wrong.

If you have a Kinetico system, you probably want a WaterBot.  If you have another system, you probably need a WaterBot.

About WaterBot

WaterBots are small, internet-connected devices.  They monitor the performance of your drinking system for you.

In its most common use case, this will connect right into your reverse osmosis system.

What It Measures

WaterBots measure system performance.  Your reverse osmosis system’s membrane is what is doing all the heavy lifting.

WaterBots persistently measure the water and alert you and, optionally, our service team the minute anything is wrong.

Have A Kinetico?

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Considering A System?

Use our quoting system to get more information.

We can schedule a phone call or appointment to discuss options.

Have Something Else?

Then you definitely want a monitoring solution.

Get your WaterBot now at a reduced price with no monthly fees ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by water quality?

Water quality has two broad categories.  There is absolute quality.  This can be a measurement of conductivity or total dissolved solids (TDS), for example.  This TDS value is a broad indicator.  Water quality also needs context.  Context would be a function of how does this compare to normal?  If conductivity or TDS jumps 20-30% over normal, the context indicates that there is a problem.

How do you connect a WaterBot?

WaterBots connect through standard plumbing fittings.  In a common use case, you’d connect it to a supply line like the kitchen sink.  If you have a reverse osmosis system, you’d be connecting the WaterBot Pro edition to the supply line going into the system and the supply line heading to distribution.

Does the WaterBot gather any personal data that are privacy concerns?

No.  The WaterBot doesn’t gather any sensitive personal data by measuring your water.

Does the WaterBot measure bacteria?

The WaterBot Base and Pro models are not equipped with sensors that measure bacteria.  However, large fluctuations in water quality can be an early indicator of a potential breach in water quality.

How does the WaterBot measure water?

WaterBots, at the simplest level, are extending electrical currents through the water. This is already done quite a bit. Similar technology is used at municipal water plants, in industry, or in swimming pools, for example. We’ve simply automated the process, backed it with machine learning, and push it to your phone or tablet in real-time.